Trump Is Now More Feared By His Enemies Than Ever Before

(FiveNation)- Despite having already left office, many are now speculating that President Donald Trump is more feared by his political opponents than ever before.

In a piece for Breitbart, commentator Charles Hurt made the case that President Trump left office the same man who swore the oath of office four years ago and leaves the same man who launched his campaign for the presidency over five years ago.

And while he has been denied a second term – for now – Hurt says that the Democrats also robbed him of his first term.

“In a town where everybody gets a honeymoon, Mr. Trump was not even allowed to work one single day without the constant onslaught of distraction,” Hurt said. “From his first moment in office, they threw everything they had at him. They made up lies. They launched fake inquiries. Dispatched the most powerful espionage apparatus on the planet against him. They turned the entire bureaucracy – including the military – against him.”

And while all of what Hurt says is true, the president still managed to fend them off. Even a massive FBI investigation using all the resources of the government could not uncover the kind of dirt on the president that was alleged about him by his political opponents.

Upon leaving office, President Trump clenched his fist in the air on the White House South Lawn and told the world, “we will be back.”

“He leaves town unbowed and unbroken. He blew out of town much the same way he blew in,” Hurt said. “His way.”

Hurt, the opinion editor of The Washington Times and a Fox News contributor, noted that Democrats are more scared of President Trump now that he’s left the Oval Office.

“Never before have they feared Mr. Trump more than they do right now,” he said. “They fear him and his return so much that, instead of addressing any of the real problems facing the country today, they would rather pursue another fake impeachment trial to bar his supporters from ever electing him again to any federal office.”

The impeachment hearings are expected to begin On February 8. As it stands, the Democrats don’t have the numbers in the Senate to vote to convict President Donald Trump of the crime of inciting an insurrection, which he did not do. However, if the Democrats do somehow succeed, they could stop him from ever running for president again.

And that’s something they desperately don’t want to happen.