Trump Hauls In $100 Million+ Warchest

( There’s a reason former President Donald Trump hasn’t formally announced a 2024 run for the presidency yet…and it’s all to do with his massive campaign war chest that he intends to use in the run-up to the 2022 midterm elections.

According to the latest federal Election Commission filings from former President Trump’s “Save America PAC,” his group took in more than $51 million in donations in the second half of last year, bringing his campaign war chest up to a massive $122 million cash on hand.

The donations pouring into the former president’s campaign operation are unprecedented, with his PAC raising $82 million in the first half of last year, which is more than any other former president has raised after leaving office.

A statement on Monday from his PAC said that the former president’s “continued and unprecedented pace of fundraising” proves that the future of the GOP in this year’s midterm elections and beyond “remains, perhaps, the strongest in our country’s history.”

“The MAGA movement is here to say!” the statement continued.

It’s the clearest sign yet that Trump is in this to help the GOP win in 2022 and to ensure a Republican win – with Trump at the helm – in 2024. However, should the president formally announce a campaign, it would greatly restrict the way that he can use those funds to help other candidates in this year’s elections.

The latest figures show how the former president is receiving average donations of $31 from his supporters, with 1,631,648 donations made so far.

It means that the former president is staying true to his roots in politics, taking donations from average Americans in smaller sums rather than big sums from interest groups. Some 98.6% of all donations to his campaign were under $200.

That’s a huge war chest…and one that will benefit Trump-endorsed candidates across the country.