Trump Handed Out Chocolate And Diet Coke During Meetings, Bill Barr’s Book Says

( Ever since former President Donald Trump left the White House, the media has had to go back to reporting…the news. With Trump no longer the president and Joe Biden now leading the United States from one disaster to the next, media outlets jump at any opportunity to go back to old ways and start reporting on Trump.

That’s why news outlets from all over the world have jumped at the opportunity to interview former Attorney General Bill Barr about his new book “One Damn Thing After Another.”

The Independent, a newspaper from the United Kingdom, just shared some excerpts from Barr’s new book in which he claimed that the former president would always offer chocolates and diet coke for anybody attending a meeting at the White House.

This is really the quality of news reports we have come to expect these days…

“Always the attentive host, he would constantly ensure that everyone had a Diet Coke to drink,” Barr writes in his book.

“If he was feeling especially beneficent, he would open a cigar box and deal out his stash of big Hershey chocolate bars as if dealing cards. I always accepted; you have to play the hand you’re dealt,” he added.

Why can’t Barr just admit he liked eating the chocolate bars? Does this really have to become a story about how “weird” Trump is?

It sounds to us like Trump was attentive to his guests…

Barr admitted that Trump despite the relaxed style of meetings with former President Trump in his dining room, the meetings were “always discursive” and “could be very productive.”

He described how Trump would always sit at the head of the table, with the television playing in the background, a pile of documents to his left, and he would work his way through them signing documents, annotating news clippings to send to his cabinet secretaries, and so on.

If Barr wants the world to think that Trump’s behavior – including holding meetings in the dining room – is weird, then he should look at 10 Downing Street. That’s the British Prime Minister’s official residence that is home to the Cabinet briefing room – effectively a large dining room where meetings take place.