Trump Gets One-Up On Jack Smith

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, former President Donald Trump expressed his belief that he is winning the war for public opinion against Special Counsel Jack Smith. Trump cited a series of recent filings made by Smith in the cases against him as evidence that Smith thinks he is losing the battle with Trump.

According to Trump, the public is outraged by the weaponization of the Justice Department and the FBI to target political opponents. He argued that this tactic is commonly used in third-world countries and damages the reputation of the United States. Trump also criticized President Joe Biden, claiming that Biden has done more damage to the country in three years than the ten worst presidents combined.

Trump further described Smith as someone straight out of “central casting” and accused him of trying to prevent Trump from speaking about Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to accept the deployment of troops on January 6, 2021. Trump argued that Smith’s actions demonstrate that he is losing the war for public opinion.

Trump recently filed a motion to hold Smith in contempt for continuing to make filings despite a stay on proceedings in the January 6 case. Trump maintains that he is immune from prosecution due to his official actions as president.

Trump emphasized his belief that the election was rigged and stolen, and as the president, he had a responsibility to investigate. He argued that his immunity claim is related to the fairness of elections and not campaigning.

The immunity claim has caused a delay in the charges brought against Trump, with the case currently before the appellate circuit court in D.C. Trump stated that he would fire Smith if elected president again.

While Biden has distanced himself politically from Smith, Trump argued that Biden could fire Smith if he wanted to end the weaponization of the Justice Department. Trump criticized Biden for keeping Smith employed, stating that it harms the country.

Trump expressed concern about the precedent set by Biden’s actions, suggesting that future presidents could use this to go after Biden. He warned that the country is heading down a dangerous path.

In summary, Trump believes he is winning the war for public opinion against Jack Smith and criticized the weaponization of the Justice Department under Biden’s administration. He expressed his concerns about the precedent set by these actions and emphasized his belief in the fairness of elections.