“Trump Factor” May Have Caused Democrats To Vote More

(FiveNation.com)- Chuck Todd and Hallie Jackson from NBC’s election coverage team suggested on election night that former President Donald Trump’s rush of activity the weekend before the election may have contributed to the Democrats’ higher-than-expected attendance on Election Day.

Jackson concurred with Todd’s earlier assertion, saying that Chuck is right when he talks about the Donald Trump element this past weekend because, yes, there had been discussion of individuals encouraging him to postpone any announcement of 2024 until after the midterm elections. And technically, he is waiting.

“Let’s use North Carolina as an example,” Jackson said. She said when you consider the Trump factor and his support for Ted Budd in the primaries, that got Ted Budd over the finish line in a tight Republican primary in the North Carolina competitive Senate race. She then pointed out that high Democratic voter turnout kept the North Carolina Senate election close.

Todd chimed in, “Donald Trump owns the Senate nominees.”

The theory is when Trump gives his blessings, a spotlight is put on that candidate, and it may induce voters that would stay home to come out and vote “against Trump.”

Andrea Mitchell said that when you discuss abortion, one of the criticisms leveled at the Democrats in the final weeks is that they spent excessive money on the abortion debate immediately following the Dobbs ruling, which was way too early. They were also criticized for not acting quickly enough to address inflation when gas prices started to rise after they fell behind in the economy.

“People will be curious as to what sparked the vote,” Mitchell mused.

Savannah Guthrie provided another explanation for the high attendance rate.

“Tight polls will do it, too, when people feel like there’s something at stake and their vote counts,” Guthrie said. “And there were many polls with razor-thin margins.”

Amazingly, the left can process this as a valid theory but seem to have a blind spot as to why Hillary was defeated in 2016. She lost because people loathed her and would walk over molten glass to vote against her.