Trump Enemy Stripped Of Winning Title For Boat Prize

( Just days after a boat was voted the “best in show” at the 25th Annual Lighted Boat Parade in Yorktown, Virginia, the boat was unceremoniously stripped of its title…because it was embarrassing for the Democrats.

The boat was illuminated with “Let’s Go Brandon” and won the support of those in attendance, but because the Yorktown Foundation that runs the event is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, the title had to be revoked because criticizing Biden in that way would count as “political speech.”

Bill Berger, the owner of the “Southern Rock” that featured the anti-Biden lights as well as reindeer and fir trees, told the local press that the boat had won the show and even featured additional lights with the letters “FJB” that he said meant “Falling Joe Biden.”

We all know what FJB really means, but let’s not go there…

“We had the letter separated and meaning falling Joe Biden, and we had him falling down a ladder,” he told local news outlet WAVY News 10.

He added that at the awards ceremony he was presented with the “best in show” trophy before being told 48 hours later that he was disqualified because his boat was too political.

Walt Akers from the Yorktown Foundation said that the Lighted Boat Committee was to blame, but did admit that their organization hadn’t properly advised people on the rules of the competition and that political speech was not allowed. He said that if politics would be allowed to interfere with the events they hold then they would lose their nonprofit status.

“I’ve made more apologies in the last 48 hours than for the rest of my life, I hope,” he said.

Okay, so let’s be real here – it’s true that nonprofits can’t be political. But, at least this story shows how thin skinned the Democrats can be in demanding apologies – and how the American people overwhelmingly think Biden is doing a terrible job.