Trump “Enemies” Have Money Pouring In, Putting GOP At Risk Of Civil War

( According to an analysis by NBC, Republican candidates who oppose President Donald Trump and his America First agenda are out-raising pro-Trump candidates across the country. It’s a sign that big donors are willing to get behind anti-Trump GOP candidates, but not necessarily a sign that those candidates are going to win.

An analysis of the most recent Federal Election Commission filings shows how the eight Republicans who voted to convict former President Donald Trump in the Democrats’ ultra-partisan impeachment hearings, and who are also seeking re-election, are beating their pro-Trump opponents in terms of fundraising.

Liz Cheney, for instance, is at the head of the fundraising pack with more than $1.97 million in funds raised during the last quarter of last year. That means she pulled in a total of $6.5 million that year alone.

Cheney has been one of the most vocal anti-Trump Republicans, even going as far as claiming that his Make America Great Again agenda was…Marxist. She also wrongly claimed that the former president “caused the Jan 6 violence” and incited an insurrection.

Compared to Harriet Hageman, the Trump-backed candidate looking to beat Cheney in her primary race, she’s doing well. Hageman only reported around $43,000 in donations in the last quarter of last year, and had a total haul of $745,000 since her campaign launched in September.

An analysis of the other candidates by NBC shows similar stories for other anti-Trump representatives, with Michigan Congressman Peter Meijer pulling in nine times more than his Trump-backed opponent John Gibbs.

It’s curious, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the anti-Trump wing of the Republican Party is winning. It just means it has more money.

The upcoming primaries will tell us more about the way the party is feeling, and should these Trump-backed candidates with smaller campaign war chests win, it will be a positive sign for the former president as he gears up to announce a third presidential campaign.