Trump Endorsed Mo Brooks Leads Polls Despite Democrat Move To Sabotage Him

( Republican Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama is in with a good shot of winning the Alabama Senate race this year, with a new poll showing that Brooks has a substantial lead over his Republican primary opponents.

Farm PAC has already endorsed his primary opponent Katie Britt, who took 28.5% support in the poll. She came behind former United States Army Special Operations Aviator Mike Durant, who took 24.4% support. Rep. Brooks was in the lead with 33.7% support.

Another poll, which was leaked by popular local talk radio host Dale Jackson, showed Brooks with 39% support among GOP primary voters. Britt took 21% support, coming behind Durant’s 24%.

Brooks has certainly gone head-to-head with the two candidates, too, slamming the Business Council of Alabama – Britt’s former employer – as a special interests group with a financial stake in the importation of a large number of low-skilled and low-paid workers into the United States. He said the same about Farm PAC, too.

Brooks has the support of former President Donald Trump, having received his “complete and total endorsement” some time ago, and receiving a further endorsement from Donald Trump Jr. this month.

“There’s a reason that my father, Donald Trump, has endorsed Mo Brooks for U.S. Senate,” Trump Jr. said in a statement shared by Brooks’ campaign. “Mo is a rock-solid conservative, who has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we move the America First mission forward.”