Trump Drops Top Requirement For VP Pick

Donald Trump last week revealed what he thought was the most important qualification for his vice presidential pick, The Hill reported.

In an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures” last Sunday, Trump was asked when voters could expect him to announce his choice for his running mate in 2024.

Trump said he hadn’t planned on announcing his pick “for a while” and suggested that he had quite a few “great people” in the Republican Party from which to choose.

Bartiromo pressed Trump on what criteria he was using to make his decision, prompting Trump to suggest that his top priority would be to find someone who would make a good president. He explained that the vice president would need to be qualified to step into the role if there was a “civil emergency.”

He reiterated that there were many “good people” in the Republican Party to choose from.

When asked if he had already made his decision, Trump said he hadn’t decided as yet, explaining that there was “no reason” to do so now.

Trump said he had been speaking to several potential Veep candidates, including South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, whom Trump said he had just spoken to recently.

Trump recounted his conversation with Senator Scott, saying he told the former Republican presidential candidate that he was a “much better candidate” for Trump than he had been for himself.

Trump explained that Scott’s presidential campaign was “very low-key” but when Scott was campaigning for him in New Hampshire, he stuck up for Trump and fought for him.

Later in the interview, Trump also dropped the name of another possible running mate, North Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.

Like with Tim Scott, Trump seemed to suggest that what made Noem a possible choice was that she was “incredible” in the way she fought for Trump. He told Maria Bartiromo that Noem had recently said that she would not run against him because she could never beat Trump.