Trump Criminal Charges Recommendation Being Sent To The DOJ

( On Wednesday’s episode of ABC’s “The View,” legal analyst Sunny Hostin predicted that the House Select Committee investigating the riot at the United States Capitol will file a criminal referral to the Department of Justice for former President Donald Trump.

Hostin said that she feels that “people are paying attention to the proceedings.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg agreed.

Hostin said that we know that 20 million people watched the hearing on Thursday. And are aware that at least 10 million people watched the subsequent series of hearings, but the exact numbers are not yet available. She said there would be other hearings in the future and believes there will be referrals to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. She believes that a criminal charge will be made regarding the disgraced former President, who has already been impeached twice.

Whoopi Goldberg agreed, again.

Hostin said that she believes that it will matter. The 100 GOP primary winners won without the voters being aware that the allegation of widespread election fraud was “a big lie.”

Goldberg echoed, “Yeah.”

Hostin said the people would be more informed and that the red wave is founded on a significant deception, and people are becoming aware of this fact, so we don’t know that that red wave will ever happen.

Hostin, whistling past the graveyard, said that people would be unhappy with Biden because of the baby formula scarcity and high gas costs, but the fundamental truth is that there are solutions to that, and Biden has been working for solutions.

Hostin didn’t, nor did Biden, offer the American people even a clue as to what the plan was.

Hostin doubled down.

She said the Democrats in the Senate have been working to find solutions. The Democrats in the House have been advocating for various potential remedies. At every opportunity, Republicans have cast their votes against such solutions to ensure they can continue using problems as a campaign issue.

Hostin said of the Republicans that she finds that behavior to be “very repugnant.”

One wonders what universe Hostin resides in.

What solutions have been offered that have been struck down by Republicans?