Trump Calls Hillary Clinton Scandal Biggest In His Lifetime As New Data Comes Out

( On Friday, during his testimony in the trial against former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager Robby Mook acknowledged that Hillary herself signed off on the campaign’s plan to send the bogus Trump/Alfa Bank “evidence” to a reporter.

Mook admitted at the trial that the Clinton campaign had its doubts about the veracity of the Alfa Bank “evidence,” so they considered passing the data along to a reporter to chase it down and determine if the “evidence” had any merit.

In addition to discussing the plan with campaign chairman John Podesta, senior policy advisor (and current National Security Advisor) Jake Sullivan, and communications director Jennifer Palmieri, Mook admitted that he also discussed it with Hillary Clinton.

While he couldn’t remember the specifics of their conversation, Mook testified that he told Hillary of the plan to pass the Alfa Bank data on to a reporter, and Hillary agreed with it.

Needless to say, Hillary’s direct involvement in leaking the phony claim to the press set off a firestorm. Suddenly the woman who has tried to keep herself out of the RussiaGate controversy was dropped head-first right into the middle of it by her former campaign manager.

During an interview with Fox News on Saturday, former President Donald Trump responded to Mook’s revelation, calling the RussiaGate hoax, “one of the greatest political scandals in history.”

Trump said that he spent three years having to fight Hillary and “those crooked people off,” adding “where do I get my reputation back.”

He also blasted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and former Attorney General William Barr, saying if Republicans had “real leadership,” something would have been done about it.

Michael Sussmann is on trial for making false statements to the FBI about the Trump/Alfa Bank data. Sussmann had twice told former FBI general counsel James Baker that he was not bringing the FBI the data on behalf of a client when in reality, he was representing tech executive Rodney Joffe and the Clinton campaign.

During his testimony on Thursday, James Baker said he was “100 percent confident” Sussmann denied working on behalf of a client.

Sussmann has pleaded not guilty to the charges.