Trump Calls For John Durham To Take Action

( After years of being smeared by Democrats who claimed he colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election, former President Donald Trump is calling on John Durham to do his job and come forward with findings from an investigation he was instructed to complete into the origins of the Russia probe.

After being appointed by former United States Attorney General William Barr to oversee an investigation into the Russia investigation and the fake allegations made against former President Trump, Durham appears to have produced nothing. And Trump wants answers.

On Friday, the office of former President Trump published a statement asking where Durham is, if he is a “living, breathing human being,” and asked, “will there ever be a Durham report?”

The statement said nothing else and looked a lot like the kind of statement the former president would once publish on Twitter before the platform deplatformed him for demanding a secure election.

Durham’s investigation, which is believed to be ongoing, was tasked with determining with the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation – the code name for the Trump-Russia probe – was legal.

Former President Trump has long said that such an investigation would reveal the illegal nature of the investigation and a massive number of improprieties committed by FBI agents and government officials. Previous reports have established how the Obama administration effectively spied on the Trump campaign as part of a plan to smear him as having colluded with Russia.

But ever since the election last year, Durham has barely appeared in public. His last public appearance was in February when he confirmed that he would be resigning from his role as the top federal prosecutor in Connecticut, but that he would be staying in his role as special counsel to probe the legality of Crossfire Hurricane.

The original Russia investigation began in July 2016, before the presidential election, with FBI and federal government agents watching and spying on Trump and his allies to find evidence that proved the false narrative that he was working with Russia. The Mueller investigation ultimately found zero evidence to suggest the original allegations were true.

So, where is Durham? Now would be a good time to reveal the truth…