Trump Administration Considers Ordering Regular Mandatory Reviews Of Public Health Officials

(FiveNation)- Even in the final days of the Trump administration – or at least, President Donald Trump’s first term – innovative new ideas are reportedly being prepared to be implemented before Biden takes office. According to one report from Politico, the Trump administration is considering implementing regular performance reviews of the country’s federal health officials, ensuring that they are held accountable during their time advising presidents and politicians.

The Politico report was based on comments from three anonymous senior health officials working in the administration…which, at least for the White House, probably narrows down their identities.

Politico says that the new regulation could be implemented by the Department of Health and Human Services within mere days, and would require that any public health official goes through job reviews at least every five years. It would apply to all government scientists who advise the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and a host of other health agencies.

It just makes you wonder why government officials aren’t subject to the kind of mandatory performance reviews that most of the rest of the country is…

Politico attempted to paint the rumored new regulation as a bad idea, suggesting the rule could “tempt top public health officials to maintain their jobs through political jockeying, at a time of cratering public confidence in agencies’ independence.”

Alternatively, it could ensure that public health officials always do a good job, and get fired if they don’t do a good job. Which is the same principle that applies to millions of regular American workers.

A current senior administration official who remained anonymous reportedly said that it is part of a “step-by-step escalation in retaliation by HHS against career scientists throughout the pandemic” and that it is a “clear abuse of power.”

Another senior administration official stressed that the decision was designed to ensure that the government has the best advisors.

“This is intended to be a good governance action,” a Trump administration source said. “Congress did this through the 21st Century Cures Act with NIH. I think NIH was largely supportive because it would increase diversity or opportunity for certain positions at the agency.”

In what other industry than government would there be such an uproar over performance reviews?