Transporting Teens For Gender Change Surgery Will Be Illegal Under New Idaho Law

( On Tuesday, the Idaho House of Representative approved new legislation that makes it illegal for parents to take their “transgender” children out of state to receive medical treatment related to their condition.

HB675 bill will make it a crime punishable by life in prison for parents to take their children out of state to receive transgender medical treatment, which may include the injection of hormones that prevent puberty or even surgery that causes permanent disfigurement. The goal behind the bill is to ensure that children, who cannot truly consent to this kind of life-changing surgery, are not mutilated or permanently harmed by their parents.

If the bill comes into effect, it will make it a felony for anybody to provide transgender surgery and hormone injections to children.

The legislation was passed almost by party line, with Republicans voting 55-13 in favor of the bill. The only physician in the House was Dr. Fred Wood, who inexplicably sided with 12 Democrats and voted against it.

It just goes to show that even many doctors are perfectly willing to permanently harm children n the name of extremist transgender activism.

Democratic state Rep. Lauren Necochea got extremely emotional during a discussion about the issue, describing young transgender people as “incredibly courageous.”

Far-left organization “Human Rights Campaign” slammed the decision to implement the law, and claimed that there are more than 300 “anti-LGBTQ+” bills being considered across the United States right now.

If that means there are hundreds of bills being put forward by state legislatures to protect children, then that can only be a good thing…