Transgender Clinic Deletes Website After Bizarre Post By Doctor

( Last month, Daily Wire host Matt Walsh uncovered the shocking news that Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville was offering transgender surgeries to children under 18. And after Walsh exposed the practice, VUMC removed the pages promoting transgender surgeries for minors from its website.

In a lengthy Twitter thread posted on September 20, Walsh posted screen captures and video clips, including videos of VUMC’s Dr. Shayne Taylor boasting about how she convinced the medical center to hop aboard the gender transition train because it was a “big money maker” given the number of follow-up appointments needed post-surgery.

Taylor itemized the price per patient if VUMC began offering “chest reconstruction” or even “routine hormone treatment.” She noted that “female-to-male bottom surgeries” were “huge money makers.”

And these “big money maker” procedures are being performed on teens.

After exposing VUMC, Walsh appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss what he found:

After Walsh exposed Vanderbilt, 62 Republican members of the Tennessee General Assembly sent a letter to Vanderbilt demanding that its Pediatric Transgender Clinic stop performing surgeries on minors. The lawmakers plan to introduce legislation banning surgical mutilation of minors when the Tennessee General Assembly convenes in January.

Republican Governor Bill Lee has also called for an investigation into VUMC.