Tourist Gets Headbutted by King’s Guard Horse Outside Buckingham Palace

A viral video video captured the moment a horse from the King’s Guard “headbutted” a tourist, sending her face-planting to the ground.

The King’s Guard is well-known for its role as a sentry force outside Buckingham Palace. Signs reminding visitors that the horses “may kick or bite” and to refrain from touching the reins are posted in the area.

In the footage, a curly-haired woman stands on Whitehall, posing for photographs next to the black horse. The agitated horse “nose-nudges” the woman and causes her to lose her balance. As she falls, she twists her face forward and strikes the ground hard, her face impacting with full force.

She lay there for a while on the pavement while passers-by came running over to help.

After two guys pulled her to her feet, she had to rest on her knee for a while until a third man helped her back up.

As soon as she stands up, she starts frantically grabbing at her nose while she speaks with the cops.

The assembled onlookers were astounded by the steep decline, while online users were less convinced.

Commenters on X drew parallels between the woman’s fall and diving in football.

Others accused her of “trying to start an insurance claim” because they thought she was being overly dramatic.

For generations, the King’s Guard—originally the Queen’s Guard—has captivated and fascinated visitors from all over the globe, who go to Buckingham Palace just to see them in action.

Though they aren’t supposed to, members of the King’s Guard may wave their bayonets or yell at curious onlookers if they go too near or act aggressively.

The guards’ bearskins grow much heavier in the rain, and in hot weather, they are more likely to suffer from heat stroke, yet they must keep on regardless of the weather.

Every year, thousands upon thousands of Londoners go to see the ceremonial changing of the guard.