Top Republicans Sends “Doormats” As Gifts To 7 Democrats

( A group of House Democrats who once stood up to far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and vowed to stop any action on passing the unprecedented $3.5 trillion spending bill are being mocked by the National Republican Campaign Committee for caving to Pelosi.

The chairman of the NRCC, Tom Emmer, issued a statement condemning the reckless spending of the Democrats and calling those members of the House who eventually caved to the House speaker as “doormats.” He said that the committee had sent each one a personalized doormat as a “token” of their status.

It comes after House Speaker Pelosi asked House Democrats to refuse to cooperate on passing the $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill without Republicans making commitments to support the larger social spending bill.

While some House Democrats said that they wouldn’t support the larger spending package without first being given a chance to vote on and pass the $1.2 trillion bipartisan bill, they eventually caved after Pelosi promised a September 27 vote on the plan. The Washington Times revealed the U-turn this week, no doubt sending chills down the spines of Republican lawmakers who will now need to choose between abandoning the $1.2 trillion bill or accepting the $3.5 trillion bill as an accompaniment.

Let’s be honest…the Republicans should just reject both, right?

In the statement, Emmer said that the doormats were being sent to lawmakers to remind them how they let Pelosi “walk all over them” and said that voters will hold any Democrat who supports Pelosi’s “reckless” $3.5 trillion tax and spending spree accountable in the next election.

The NRCC also tweeted about the Democrats, noting how they are the “best friends” of Pelosi in trying to ram through the $3.5 trillion spending bill.

Are there any moderate Democrats left?