Top Official Screams At Parent During Meeting To “Get The F*** Out”

( If you thought school board meetings reached peak crazy during the flurry of anti-Critical Race Theory protests, then take a look at this.

Footage from a Glenbrook South School Board meeting in Illinois shows how a concerned parent spoke about mask mandates in schools. The parent expressed his concern about how masks are hindering the development of children in the school and aren’t even necessary. As he approached the mic, however, somebody started shouting at the man for not wearing a mask.

Yes, for not wearing a mask while he was speaking, at the end of a pandemic, and even though most people across the country have already either recovered from COVID-19 or been vaccinated.

Joel Taub, a school board official at the meeting, got extremely heated and angry over the parent not wearing a mask.

The parent interrupted Taub, stating that he is speaking and making “public comment.”

“You said at the beginning of the meeting that you would not be rude to people,” he said to board members. “We should remove him…this is rude!”

It prompted Taub to hit back again, stating, “this is not what you promised…you said that if they don’t wear a mask they can’t speak!”

It prompted the concerned parent to laugh and place his mask on his head, adding, “I can wear the mask over my head if you want.”

See for yourself:

Taub then started swearing, insisting that he should “get the f*ck out of the room” if he “can’t put his f*cking mask on.”

Remember, these foul-mouthed, angry extremists are the people who determine your child’s experience in public schools.

It’s no wonder so many people are choosing homeschooling these days…