Top News Host Leaves Job At “Partisan” MSNBC News To Join Local News Station

( In the television news business, local reporters long for the day that they break away from their penny-ante local market job and make it to the big time by landing a job with a national news outlet. But news anchor Kendis Gibson has decided to do the opposite by shaking the dust of the big time off his feet and moving to a local market.

Gibson, who was a weekend anchor with the cable news outlet MSNBC is leaving his job to take a position at the local CBS News affiliate in Miami. It seems MSNBC got too “hyper-partisan” for Kendis Gibson.

Gibson became MSNBC’s weekend anchor in 2019. However, in recent weeks, the far-left cable news network began running repeats of streaming opinion shows in the early weekend hours.

Gibson explained that he had to get away from MSNBC’s “hyper-partisan 24/7 political news space.” Taking a job at WFOR in Miami gives him the chance to “anchor a newscast that covers the full gamut” from local news, world news, entertainment, and human interest.

Kendis Gibson isn’t the first person MSNBC lost due to its rank partisanship. In August 2020, producer Ariana Pekary published an open letter explaining that she was leaving MSNBC because it stoked national division by promoting “fringe voices” while forcing reporters “to make bad decisions on a daily basis.”

In her letter, Pekary accused MSNBC of making editorial decisions based on ratings rather than news. She quoted a veteran TV reporter who called MSNBC “a cancer” for which there “is no cure.”

She accused MSNBC of believing “context and factual data” were “too cumbersome” for its audience. In short, MSNBC thinks its viewers are too dumb to absorb the facts. One senior producer Pekary cited told her MSNBC viewers don’t consider them a news channel. “They come to us for comfort,” the producer said.