Top Lawyer Predicts SCOTUS Will Rule In Trump’s Favor

Since the presidential election of 2016, federal politics in America has increasingly become an arena of volatility and divisiveness. Both major American political parties have become tribal in many regards and have moved to the “left” and “right” in their respective ideologies. Republicans have benefited from a populist movement initiated by Donald Trump which has championed nationalist economics, stricter enforcement of immigration laws and tougher border security. Additionally, since Trump’s brand of right wing politics was adopted by the party, stronger foreign policy positions were assumed by the U.S. during his term. Trump remains the leader of the party.

In contrast, following the election of President Biden in 2020, progressives have governed in a fashion that is opposite to Republicans. A crisis ensues at the border. American manufacturing and energy production has been diminished as Biden and the Democrats have taken extreme positions on the issue of “climate change”. Domestic oil production is down and after being energy independent for part of the Trump presidency, the country is once again reliant on oil imports from hostile nations like Venezuela. In recent polls, Trump and Biden appear tied in crucial swing states in a hypothetical rematch of 2020. Forecasting the 2024 presidential election is difficult and the state of politics changes quickly. In places like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, the current 46th President and Trump are statistically tied.

Additionally, in a recent development the Colorado state Supreme Court made a ruling that stated that former president Trump should be disqualified from appearing on the states presidential primary ballot for participating in an “insurrection”. While Trump has not been convicted of any wrongdoing while facing four criminal indictments, the courts are clearly against him, and the 5th amendment is at risk. One former lawyer for Trump predicated that the U.S. Supreme Court could rule unanimously in his favor if a case to disqualify him from the presidential ballot should come to them.