Top Democrats Caught Violating Key Rule

( A non-partisan ethic watchdog, the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, has reportedly sent a complaint to acting General Counsel for the Federal Election Commission Lisa Stevenson demanding an investigation into the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The organization also suggests an investigation into Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, the Democrat in charge of the organization, for allegedly making several violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act.

The foundation, also known as “FACT,” said that the FED should investigate the “suspect spending” that took the form of campaign funds being used for personal use.

The group referred to the FEC’s regulations that provide a test known as the “irrespective test” which is used to differentiate between personal expenses and legitimate campaign expenses. The test determines that personal use of funds is any use of a campaign bank account or money to fulfill some kind of obligation, expense, or commitment that would exist irrespective of a candidate’s candidacy or campaign.

In other words, the FEC asks whether a candidate would incur the same expense even if they were not running a campaign. For instance, a home gas and electricity bill exists irrespective of an election campaign, meaning it is not a legitimate campaign expense.

FACT pointed to a report by the New York Post that detailed some $813 in campaign spending for an Air France plane ticket. The report showed pictures of the candidate with his husband in France and Italy some weeks later, posting photographs and attending a friend’s wedding. The trip was widely reported and many have asked whether campaign funds were used to pay for the trip.

According to the Post, a representative of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said that the Air France ticket was used for the DCCC to conduct with Americans who live overseas.

So if it’s true…they won’t mind being investigated by the FEC, right?