Top Democrat Says If Pandemic Crisis Hadn’t Happened, Trump Would Still Be President

( Andrew Yang, the former Democratic presidential candidate for 2020 and more recently a candidate for New York City Mayor, said in a new book titled “Forward” that he thinks former President Donald Trump would have won the last election if it wasn’t for the pandemic.

Yang, who recently announced that he would be leaving the Democratic Party to start his own party, said that Trump increasing his vote from 63 million in 2016 to 74 million in 2016 should be a warning to members of his former party.

“It was likely that Trump might have even won if not for the coronavirus,” he said in the new book, according to a report by Newsweek.

He added that it was a tough election for those who were hoping for a “repudiation of Trump.”

One thing Yang didn’t acknowledge, however, is that if it wasn’t for the pandemic then Joe Biden may have come nowhere close to winning the presidency.

If it wasn’t for ballot drop boxes with broken chains of custody, mass mail-in voting, election fraud and misconduct, then would the Democrats really have had a chance at beating President Trump’s historic enthusiasm for his campaign?

Yang claimed that it’s “hard to imagine” a leader doing a worse job than President Trump did, but failed to specifically outline what Trump did wrong. He did, however, also point the finger at the Centers for Disease Control for failing during the pandemic.

According to Newsweek, Yang theorized that COVID testing was President Trump’s main problem, suggesting that he shouldn’t have focused on contaminated tests that were sent out in late January. The lack of testing, he said, meant the United States lost time.

But in truth…what else could have been done?

The virus is sweeping across the world, and doing so a second time with the Delta variant.

Democrats seem to think President Trump had the power to stop the virus in its tracks, when nobody in the world could have done that.