Top Democrat Lied To America

( President Biden’s nominee to head the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division has recently found herself in hot water over revelations concerning her deeply controversial past.

Civil rights attorney Kristen Clarke was tapped for the post and questioned last month in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee over her involvement in a 1999 Columbia University conference titled, “Race-ing Justice.” The conference played host to a slew of left-wing activists who used the platform to advance the cause of the release of convicted cop killers and other anti-government extremists. In her sworn testimony, Clarke claimed that she provided only “logistical support” for the conference.

But according to documents obtained by the American Accountability Foundation and shared with various media outlets, Clarke was not entirely forthcoming. A transcript and itinerary of the conference name Clarke as a moderator for a panel on alleged human rights violations in the prison system. Fox News reported that the transcripts also identify Clarke as the event organizer, showing several speakers thanking her for putting the conference together.

Conference speaker and author Asha Bendele singled out Clarke at the conference saying, “Let me begin by acknowledging the work of Manny Marable and Kristen Clarke who drew us all together.”

Bendele, for her part, used her speaking slot to compare the prisoners they advocated for to imprisoned South African President Nelson Mandela, and compared then-New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani to infamous civil rights opponent, Bull Connor.

Another speaker, Anne Elliott also pointed out Clarke: “When Kristen asked me to speak, she asked me to speak first and then she asked me to moderate.”

The 1999 conference wasn’t the first or the only disturbing issue to come up at Clarke’s hearing. An article Clarke wrote for the Harvard Crimson in 1994 also raised some serious concerns.

In it, Clarke espoused views in line with those of black supremacist thinkers and pseudoscience theories, saying in part that, “Melanin endows Blacks with greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities–something which cannot be measured based on Eurocentric standards.”

Clarke has since claimed that the article was satire, however the Crimson editorial staff apparently didn’t get the joke. At the time, the editors printed a rebuttal and a demand that Clarke retract her statements.

Despite these concerns regarding Clarke’s past, the controversial attorney appears to be headed toward confirmation in the Democratic-controlled Senate.