Top Democrat Gave Millions In Campaign To School Before His Son Randomly Got Accepted

( Federal Election Commission records give us amazing insights into what politicians do with their money, and the latest filings just revealed how Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu gave more than $50,000 from his campaign to the University of Stanford in the years before his son’s acceptance into the school.

The payments to the university, which happens to be his alma mater, were labeled as donations and were made in a number of increments. In 2016, he paid out $740 and $305 in donations, only to increase those donations to $25,000 in 2017, and a further $25,000 in 2018.

Members of Congress make a good salary, but that’s still pretty excessive. Then again, the money came out of his campaign funds, for some reason. He must really, really like the university…

It comes after his son, Brennan Lieu, applied to Stanford for 2021 and was accepted. Brennan Lieu announced his acceptance to the school on his Instagram.

So if you’re wondering how he can get away with handing out huge sums of cash to educational institutions, only to conveniently have his son accepted there, then we have to consider the rules that state campaign funds cannot be used for personal use. In this case, Lieu likely has an excuse that would bypass the “irrespective test,” which says that legitimate and illegitimate campaign expenses can be determined by considering whether the donation would have been made in the absence of a candidacy.

Just The News, which revealed the interesting pattern of donations, reached out for a comment from Lieu’s office, and they received one.

A spokesperson said that Congressional campaign committees are able to make donations to nonprofit organizations like colleges and universities, and that this donation was not made to encourage his son getting a place, but instead because the congressman was “moved”: by the stories of students from Stanford who desperately needed financial aid.

A likely story indeed…