Top Democrat Deletes Whopping 175k Tweets

( Turncoat Matthew Dowd is running as a Democrat for lieutenant governor in Texas, and in preparation for doing so, he apparently tried to hide his checkered past.

On Wednesday, the media pundit who is now a Democrat after once serving under former Republican President George W. Bush, announced he would be running for lieutenant governor in Texas. Before he made that announcement, though, he apparently deleted almost all of his old tweets.

Sleuths on Twitter noticed not long after Dowd made his announcement that the number of tweets that were listed on his account decreased dramatically. The now-Democrat has frequently shared his opinions that are anti-Republican on Twitter.

As recently as May, Dowd had more than 180,000 tweets to his name. On Wednesday, his account showed that he didn’t even have 5,000 tweets.

As Cameron Cawthorne, a politics editor for Fox News tweeted:

“Matthew Dowd had 180,000 tweets in late May 202. Now he has less than 5,000 tweets. What is he hiding?”

Indeed, archive records show that between May 28 to July 2, there were hundreds of thousands of tweets that were deleted from Dowd’s account.

Does Dowd not realize that messages on the internet are never really gone forever? People can easily screenshot messages before they are officially removed from someone’s account.

Many of Dowd’s critics were not at all surprised that he was trying to hide messages that might make him look bad in an election. That’s because the candidate has found himself embroiled in controversy over some of his tweets in the past.

In February, Dowd had people up in arms when he tweeted an image of a highway pileup in Texas that was deadly. He then wrote a message along with the picture that tried to mock the impeachment defense team of former President Donald Trump.

Along with the photo, he tweeted:

“I saw this picture in the news today. I didn’t read the story. Was this picture one of trumps [sic] impeachment defense team presentation?”

Dowd deleted that tweet after sending it.

That’s not the only bad tweet he sent, though. Many other users took to Twitter to share some of the tweets Dowd sent in the past that they screenshotted.

User Jeryl Bier, who is the editor of Pluribus, sent this message:

“Four months ago, @matthewjdowd: ‘White heterosexual male Christians represent just over 25 percent of the country [and] represent 80 percent of all the power levers in the country, politics, the economy., all of the power letters.”

User Alex Griswold, who was the defendant in the landmark 1965 Supreme Court case of Griswold v. Connecticut, tweeted a few other former Dowd tweets. One read:

“Elise Stefanik is a perfect example of why just electing someone because they are a woman or a millennial doesn’t necessarily get you the leaders we need.”

And then another:

“what gov. Cuomo did was awful and resigning was appropriate, but what governors abbott of Texas and desantis of Florida have done/are doing is far worse: harming democracy, worsening a public health crisis, stirring up hatred of others. Both should immediately resign.”