Top Democrat Busted Without Mask In Newly Leaked Footage

( President Joe Biden just got busted defying his own mask advice, walking through a fancy restaurant in Washington, D.C. without wearing a mask.

Well, we say defying his own mask advice. What we actually mean is the citywide mask mandate that requires people to wear a mask indoors, including when walking in restaurants.

Has somebody called Mayor Muriel Bowser to report this criminal, yet?

Video footage was shared online showing the maskless president along with his wife Jill Biden walking through the Italian seafood restaurant Fiola Mare on Saturday evening. He was followed by Secret Service agents who were all following the mandate and wearing masks.

They were having an expensive dinner after attending mass at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown. It could have been a dinner celebrating a holiday known as “Sweetest Day,” which is celebrated in Florida and parts of the Midwest to recognize acts of kindness.

Acts of kindness? This guy plunged the national economy into crisis, is destroying jobs, making working Americans pay extortionate prices for food and gas, and is now telling people to take an experimental vaccine or lose their job.

He’s not the only elected official to break the rules, either.

We mentioned earlier that someone should call Mayor Bowser about his rule-breaking, but even she has been guilty of breaking the mandate. Most recently, she was caught in September at an indoor panel discussion, not wearing a mask and in the company of several other maskless people.

The hypocrisy stinks, doesn’t it?