Top Biden Official Defends Chinese Propaganda Taught In Schools

( The Biden administration made its boldest move yet on the issue of Chinese propaganda in the United State, confirming that they support the teaching of pro-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda in American schools.

President Joe Biden nominated Victoria Nuland, who has specifically endorsed the teaching of Chinese propaganda in schools, to be his next Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. Nuland, who served in the State Department during the Obama administration, endorsed Chinese government-funded Confucius Institutes back in 2012.

Confucius Institutes are public educational partnerships between Chinese colleges and universities and educational institutions across the rest of the world. They are funded by the Chinese government and have been described by CCP officials as an “important part of China’s overseas propaganda setup.”

On the topic of the programs, which involve the sharing of information and propaganda between schools and the teaching of foreign students in Chinese universities, Nuland said that they are “something that we support.”

Interestingly, Nuland also works for the Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG) as a Senior Counselor. The consulting firm works with Chinese Communist Party officials, as revealed in reports from November last year.

According to the National Pule, ASG has a “robust China focus,” and considers the country the “firm’s largest single-country practice.”

“The practice includes trade and policy experts, former high-level U.S. and Chinese government officials and diplomats, executives with significant work experience in China, and dedicated analysts in the field of U.S. China relations,” the ASG website said.

The consulting firm has also played a role in the exporting of American jobs to China, with three members of Albright Stonebridge Group joining the Department of State Transition Review.

As Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Nuland will be the third-highest ranking official in the Department of State. She will be the general manager of bilateral policy matters and will oversee bureaus in Europe, Eurasia, East Asia, Africa, the Near East, Western Hemisphere, and South and Central Asia.