Top Biden Ambassador Faces Serious Allegations

( President Joe Biden has had a tough time getting his various nominees confirmed by the Senate over the last year, but even when he gets his way, it hasn’t turned out so well. The latest instance of a Biden nominee getting embroiled in a scandal is Steven Bondy, the recently-confirmed United States Ambassador to Bahrain.

Politico reports that Bondy has been accused of making racist and ethnic slurs against Arabs during his time working at the State Department.

Uh oh.

Politico spoke to several individuals who previously worked with Bondy, before he was confirmed by the Senate as the Bahrain ambassador in December. One source, who was a senior White House official during the Trump White House, said that the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, had specifically called out Bondy in the past.

The prince allegedly said that he was “not a fan” of Bondy because he “treats his people like garbage.”

The Abu Dhabi prince reportedly made the comments in 2018 when the State Department sent Bondy and others to the United States Embassy in the UAE.

Speaking to other sources from the Trump White House, Politico also said that Bondy would often make “belittling” statements and comments about Arab people during the trip.

Of all times to make belittling comments about Arabs…during a trip to the UAE? It’s bad enough that he made the comments while working at the State Department, but to do it during a trip to the UAE while representing the United States government is mind boggling.

Brig. Gen. Miguel Correa went on the record with the news outlet, saying that he “came forward after retirement upon hearing of his nomination.”

”I wanted the facts to come out in the public for our leaders to see the entire picture. I would hear him say disparaging remarks about Arabs all the time,” he added.

Okay, so if this was well-known information and people came out and spoke about it before he was confirmed, why didn’t President Biden withdraw his nomination?

Just think how the media would be responding to this is Bondy was nominated to this position by a Republican.