Tom Hanks’ WIFE Attacked – He Sprang Into Action!

( Actor Tom Hanks, a supporter of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, was caught on camera yelling “Back the f*ck off!” at overzealous fans who followed him and his wife Rita Wilson too closely. Rita Wilson had lost her footing while walking away from the crowd, and Tom Hanks rushed over to help her regain her balance.

According to a video uploaded to TMZ, Hanks yelled at the gathering of fans and paparazzi, compelling them to stop what they were doing and look in his direction.

After a moment’s hesitation, the actor answered a question shouted by a sycophantic fan toward the crowd of people.

“What y’all doin’?” asked the suck-up.

“Knocking over my wife,” Hanks answered, a little too over-dramatically, before entering a gigantic earth-raping gas-guzzler of a car.

It has been alleged that Hanks and Wilson were leaving a restaurant in New York City when they were met with a swarm of eager and aggressive fans.

Wilson had just lost her balance when she yelled, “Stop it!” and put her hands up, which prompted a response from her husband.

After criticizing the onlookers, the actor did not respond to the crowd who apologized for interrupting him. He turned his back and stormed off into his stretch-limousine SUV.

According to reports, the shouting episode occurred amid purported concerns about Tom Hanks’ health, which arose when the actor was unable to control trembling in his arm during a promotional event earlier this month.

At the beginning of the year, Tom Hanks made an unintentional comedic comeback by narrating a propaganda film that the Biden Inaugural Committee produced. The commercial bragged about the purported achievements of the Biden-Harris administration in its first year in office.

In the film, the actor declares, “We are stronger than we were a year ago today.” However, he fails to mention the skyrocketing inflation, the record number of illegal crossings at the southern border, or President Joe Biden’s broken commitment to “shut down the virus.”

And the situation has not improved during President Joe Biden’s second year in office, as the American people are now facing other crises such as rising crime rates, shortages of baby formula and tampons, an emerging recession, brownouts in major cities, and record-setting inflation.

In the meantime, the national average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States is now above $5.00, and households in the United States are being slammed with much higher prices at the grocery store.

Tom Hanks doesn’t feel the pinch like an ordinary paycheck-to-paycheck American. He ushers his wife into his awaiting chariot, and off they go. They are true believers who think we’re stronger now than under Trump.