Tom Cotton Suggests Associated Press Was Working Closely With Hamas

( Senator Tom Cotton, the Republican legislator from Arkansas, excoriated The Associated Press on Tuesday for allegedly sharing an office building…with Hamas.

No joke.

Hamas is the internationally recognized Islamic terrorist organization that controls Palestine which hit the headlines this month after it initiated a new phase of missile attacks against the Jewish state of Israel.

Israel responded in kind by destroying Gaza’s Jala Tower, where a number of international organizations, including Hamas, were operating from. And when the international left-wing media went crazy over the thought of Israel defending itself after thousands of missiles were fired at its civilians by Hamas over the last month, it revealed that The Associated Press was sharing the same office space as the terrorist group.

Speaking on the Senate floor, Senator Cotton hit out at the AP for being too friendly with the group. He also reminded his colleagues that Israel warned people to leave the building before it was attacked, meaning there were no casualties.

Hamas doesn’t warn Israeli citizens when it fires rockets in its direction…

Senator Cotton then asked, “Why was the Associated Press sharing a building with Hamas in the first place?”

He pondered whether the AP was knowingly allowing its journalists to be “used as human shields” by the U.S.-designated terrorist organization, and asked whether the connection had any relation to the media outlet’s refusal to report on Hamas’s terror activities over the years.

“But in fact, there’s plenty of evidence that some media outlets stained Gaza allow themselves to be used as pawns by Hamas,” he continued. Cotton also cited an article from the Atlantic published in 2014 that revealed how Hamas had once burst into the Associated Press’s office after firing missiles nearby.

None of this makes sense, does it?

Cotton said that he wasn’t sure what’s worse – the idea that the AP knew they were sharing a building with a terror organization, or the possibility that they didn’t know.

“Instead of uncovering the truth,” he said, “the AP concealed it.”

You can see the full video of Cotton’s impassioned speech here.