Tom Cotton Says It’s Time To Reboot

( In an opinion piece for Fox News, Republican Senator Tom Cotton called for a “reboot” of Big Tech, arguing that there must be new efforts to revive competition in the industry while also promoting free speech.

The piece comes amidst a backdrop of Big Tech expansion, with social media giants Facebook and Twitter routinely censoring conservatives, and Facebook even announcing a new “Metaverse” system that allows people to conduct business and meet with friends in a virtual reality.

Cotton slammed Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google as “monopolistic technology corporations that dominate a greater market share in their fields than any similar firms in American history.”

That’s because they keep on buying their competitors…

Cotton said that their sizes alone aren’t the problem, but instead how the companies have “used their extraordinary wealth and power to buy up rivals, stifle competition and muzzle speech that they oppose.”

This is all good stuff, but doesn’t it make you wonder where the Republican legislators were between 2016 and 2018 when they had a majority in the House and the Senate?

Why was nothing done about this sooner?

Currently, Google controls over 90% of the online search market, and Amazon has more than 80% control of the e-book market. Facebook also controls a majority of the social media market and is the biggest provider of online advertising.

Cotton said that the companies have consumed and combined with major competitors and that more needs to be done to encourage competition. He argued that if those Big Tech companies had a smaller market share, then their censorship wouldn’t cause as much harm.

He also promoted the Competition and Opportunity Act, a proposed piece of legislation that would require Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple to prove that future acquisitions won’t contribute to or sustain their dominant market shares and would end the era of anti-competitive mergers.

It sounds like a good idea, but is there any possibility legislation could be passed like this while the Democrats control Congress and the White House?

You can read the full op-ed here.