Tom Cotton Says Democrats Will Pay For CRT

( Last week, Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas forced a vote to add an amendment to the ridiculous $3.5 trillion phony infrastructure bill that would bar schools promoting Critical Race Theory from receiving federal funds.

The amendment passed by a thin 50 to 49 – with every Democrat voting against.

Last Thursday Senator Cotton appeared on Fox News to discuss both the situation in Afghanistan and his CRT amendment. And Cotton pointed out that the 49 Democrats who voted against it “are going to have to answer at the ballot box” for supporting the Marxist indoctrination of children to make them “think America is a racist nation.”

Cotton is correct that polling shows most Americans oppose using this so-called “anti-racist” ideology in public schools. The rebellions against local school boards have grown significantly in recent months.

In many ways the movement of parents fighting back against CRT in schools is very similar to the Tea Party movement that rose up in 2009. And just as they did during the Tea Party revolution, the media and the Democrats are foolishly smearing and attacking ordinary moms and dads for standing up to this radical ideology.

This kind of smear campaign coupled with the Democrat Party’s dismissive attitude toward those who oppose CRT could very well have the same effect in 2022 that the reaction to the Tea Party did in 2010.

Telling Americans that they are all racist and must be judged by the actions of their ancestors is bound to cause pushback. But rather than anticipate the incoming pushback, the Democrats are doubling down on racialist rhetoric and this Marxist ideology.

When the American people have the opportunity to push back at the ballot box, they’re going to push back hard. Just as they did in 2010.

When he spoke on the Senate floor about his amendment, Cotton said that America’s future depends on the next generation of Americans loving their country and their fellow citizens regardless of race. CRT teaches children the exact opposite.

As radio host Jesse Kelly pointed out Wednesday on Twitter, nothing can save this country “unless the anti-American education system is burned to the ground and rebuilt as something different. Everything else is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.”

Between school’s mandating masks against parents’ wishes and the push for racial identarian education, more and more parents are waking up to that self-evident truth.