Tom Cotton Erupts “No Way To Vet” Refugees Biden Is Allowing Into Country

( On Monday, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton appeared on Fox & Friends and blasted the Biden administration over the staggering number of Afghan “refugees” it has brought into the US as part of its disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Asked by cohost Ainsley Earhardt if these supposed refugees have been vetted yet, Cotton said “absolutely not.” What’s more, Cotton explained, there is no way to vet them. The people we should have evacuated got left behind, Cotton said, and instead, the Biden administration brought into the country people who shouldn’t have been evacuated.

Cotton described the Afghans held on military bases in the US as those with “no particular attachment” to the US and who weren’t our allies during the war.

Cotton reiterated what many have pointed out about these refugees – namely, there is no way for them to be properly vetted. Afghanistan, Cotton explained, is a third-world country. There aren’t going to be vital records on these people. So the usual methods used to check someone’s identity and background is pretty much off the table here.

Cotton pointed out that what the Biden administration calls “vetting” is, in reality, just taking their name (if it is their real name), checking it against databases of terrorists, and if they aren’t on the list, the administration clears them.

That’s not “vetting” by any stretch of the imagination.

Watch HERE.

So far, there have been several sexual assaults committed by these “refugees.” On top of that, Reuters reported last week that as many as 700 Afghans brought into the US have simply walked off the military bases and disappeared into the country before their processing was complete.

On Monday, Senate Republicans demanded that Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas explain the vetting process for these refugees and the administration’s continued refusal to answer oversight questions regarding the process.

In a separate letter to both Mayorkas and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, along with fifteen other Republican Senators raised concerns about potential national security threats given the fact that these refugees cannot be fully vetted.

In the letter, the Senators cite the incidents of sexual assault that have occurred. They also brought up the Reuters report on the hundreds of “refugees” leaving the bases.

In response to the Reuters report, DHS refused to provide the total number of those Afghans who left the bases and claimed that the Afghans “generally” had ties to people in the United States. How they could possibly know that when they can’t vet these people is anybody’s guess.