TikTok Removes Anti-Palestinian Content

(FiveNation.com)- Do you oppose terrorism? Are you shocked by the rockets fired by Hamas Islamic militants from Palestine into Israel? Then TikTok probably isn’t the social media platform for you.

At least, if you live in Indonesia.

The Ministry of Information Technology in Indonesia announced on Friday that it has requested that TikTok restrict any content on its platform that could be considered insulting to the so-called “state” of Palestine. The social media platform quickly granted the request, prompting a number of audio tracks to be completely removed from the platform.

Ministry spokesman Dedy Permadi announced that TikTok restricted a number of audio tracks, describing that it was “categorized in its high-risk library.” Permadi said that they do not expect those audio tracks, which were not specified, from appearing on TikTok again.

News outlet “Coconuts Jakarta” said that it was the latest development in a “disturbing trend” on Indonesian TikTok over the last week as Palestinian rockets continued to be fired at Israel. The two countries have agreed to a cease-fire for now, but the terrorist attacks may resurface at any time as Palestine’s ruling body, Hamas, continues its campaign against the Jewish people.

Coconuts Jarkata said that the country’s position on the Israel-Palestine conflict has seen a high school student from Bengkulu expelled and a 23-year-old man arrested and facing six years in prison for violating the Information and Electronic Transactions Act.

The man was arrested for posting a video in which he called for Palestinian “pigs,” referring to terrorists, to be “slaughtered.” The school student reportedly said something similar.

To be clear, the outlet wasn’t labelling the government’s crackdown on free speech disturbing…but the anti-Palestine speech being from many Malaysian citizens.

Imagine being angry at people for opposing terrorism…