Tiger Woods’ Joke Met With Controversy 

(FiveNation.com)- According to reports, Tiger Woods’ use of a tampon to imply that a fellow golfer was not up to par at last week’s Genesis Invitational has drawn widespread condemnation from progressives, despite Woods’ subsequent apologies. 

Woods used a tampon on the tee as a prank after discovering that his drive was longer than that of his fellow golfer, Justin Thomas. Tiger placed a tampon into Thomas’ hands as they walked to their balls, joking that the younger golfer was striking like a lady. 

Feminist organizations continue to harp on the game’s all-time great golfer, even after he issued an apology. 

A report shows CEO of the Women’s Global Empowerment Foundation, Kara Sugar, complained that Tiger’s joke is chauvinist and insensitive.  The group believes the joke detracts from the challenges of mental health and menstruation that women and girls confront worldwide. 

Sugar emphasized that tampons are no laughing matter and that women perform sports worldwide despite having their periods. 

Woods expressed regret for the prank, stating he intended to be funny, but it hasn’t worked out that way. He tried to explain that it was friends joking around and that they are always doing pranks on each other. 

According to Bobby Burack of Outkick, an apology was formerly synonymous with genuine regret for a mistake or lapse in judgment. Yet it has become common practice to apologize as a sign of capitulation, begging the woke overlords for mercy. People apologize more often these days out of fear than contrition. 

Burack notes that personalities think apologizing helps calm our fractured society’s tense atmosphere. In truth, their apologies for their actions validate the hyper-sensitivities of the nagging indignant mob. It seems that every week, someone must apologize to the aggrieved. 

Burack writes that apologies to ungrateful people seldom work out. Apologies don’t make the “woke” go away.  Apologies only show how scared you are and how easily you will give in to their sinister sect.  We are allowed to express our thoughts and share a laugh.  Stop apologizing.