THOUSANDS Of Trump Supporters Turn Out In California…Is The State In Play?

( As polls continue to claim the president is falling behind Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, rallies across the country keep suggesting otherwise. One of the president’s most recent big rallies took place in Beverly Hills, just nine days before election day.

Thousands of supporters turned out in Beverly Hills, showing just how much enthusiasm his Republican campaign has in states all over the country.

It’s not the first time that Trump supporters have turned out in the state, either. On October 10, a huge and diverse crowd of supporters turned out to a Beverly Hills rally.

American Greatness editor Chris Buskirk published video footage of the peaceful rally, pondering what it could mean for the election.

“There are spontaneous, grassroots events. Here in Phoenix I see small groups of people at intersections waving Trump flags & homemade signs. Impossible to quantify what it means in terms of votes, but it’s remarkable & there is no parallel for Biden,” he said.

In contrast, Joe Biden’s events draw tiny crowds, even when he hosts drive-in rallies that are designed to be safe and socialist distanced.

The Beverly Hills rally included a march in the streets as well as a static rally that saw people set up with gazebos.

The rally even ended in a dance party!

With such enthusiasm out on the streets of a state that famously votes Democrat in every recent presidential election, is it possible that California is finally in play for the Republicans? Or, at the very least, could President Trump be preparing to eat into the usually-gigantic Democrat majority?