THOUSANDS Of Trump Supporters Join MAGA Boat Parade In Georgia

( Trump supporters took to the water on Sunday morning, with almost 4,000 boats joining a MAGA boat parade on Georgia’s Lake Lanier. Footage of the event shows a sea of boats waving Trump flags and signaling their support for the president.

Reporters even said that the number of boats that came out to celebrate was significantly higher than expected, with journalist Maura Sirianni tweeting video footage of the event and saying she only expected roughly 700 boats.

“Lake Lanier is filled with hundreds of @realDonaldTrump supporters taking part in the Great American Boat Parade,” she said, before adding an update that the estimated number of boats on the water was 4,000.

“Organizers of the parade previously said they only expected about 700 boats,” she added.

This was just one of many boat parades held in support of the president over the years but was easily one of the biggest. It was attended by conservative news anchor Jack Posobiec of One America News.

The Facebook page for the event originally only shown some 1,900 planning to attend, but the numbers were more than double.

“What a great way to show support for Our first responders and the leadership of this great nation,” the page reads. “Let’s come together as Brothers and Sisters and celebrate these very freedoms.”

President Donald Trump showed his support for the event on Saturday, tweeting a video of another Trump boat parade and said he wished he could join them.

“Wish I could join you, but totally focused on November 3rd,” he said.

In celebration of the Labor Day weekend, boaters in Oklahoma also arranged their own parade on Lake Eufaula.

Footage of the event was published online and while it appeared smaller, it exhibited the same kind of energy.