They’re Trying To Turn Bugs Bunny Woke Now

Warner Bros.’s beloved children’s cartoon franchise Looney Tunes is encouraging fans to become drag queens to celebrate Pride Month.

The official Looney Tunes Twitter account honored Bugs Bunny by posting him in various instances where he dressed like a woman. This was in celebration on the opening day of Pride Month, Thursday. 

Bugs Bunny is a character that frequently dresses in male and female disguises as part of his many adventures. It has nothing to do with any statement about his sexuality or gender fluidity. In fact, Bugs Bunny’s women’s garb is the joke. It’s supposed to be absurd that he is pretending to be a woman wearing lipstick, often fooling unsuspecting characters to go easy on him because he is a woman. To the woke mob, it should be offensive on two levels.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. Discovery has already championed the prominence of drag queens in its other properties.

Animated comedy series American Dad! celebrated its 350th episode with a new video highlighting drag “herstory” by designating the alien character Roger as a “drag icon.” A month ago, the movie hit theaters.

The Looney Tunes series is the most current kids’ TV show to feature drag queens and other members of the LGBTQ community.

Hiring a drag queen as a greeter at Disneyland in California is only the most recent example of the Walt Disney Company’s groundbreaking contributions to the development of the drag subculture. The Little Mermaid was adapted into a live-action film by the corporation, and the world premiere was held a month ago. Drag queen Nina West was invited to attend.

After hosting the live-stream video of the Disney+ LGBTQ Pride event in 2021, which featured other drag queens and performances of classic Disney songs with LGBTQ themes, West is becoming a staple of the Disney franchise.