The Tragic Case Of James Younger

( James Younger’s name may be one with which you are familiar. The now-9-year-old youngster has been at the center of a contentious custody dispute between his parents for years; this conflict goes to the core of the culture war currently raging in the United States.

Dr. Anne Georgulas, the child’s mother, believes her son is a transsexual girl named Luna. She claims that this is what the child wants and needs to succeed, so she has enrolled the youngster in school as a girl, uses feminine pronouns, and dresses up the boy.

Jeff Younger, the boy’s father, claims that when the boy is with him, he doesn’t act like a girl.

Younger published a shocking video of James when he was three in 2019. You must be a boy, right? Younger asks James, as seen in the video. The child answers, “No, I’m a female.”

“Who informed you of your gender?” the dad asks.

The child answers, “Mommy.”

Mommy informed you that you are a girl, right? Younger asks once more, and the child replies, “Uh-huh.”

During a Zoom-call custody court, Georgulas stated in her own words that James began to self-identify as female at the age of three.

When the child was about three, the mother claimed, “she started wanting to do things—and dress in certain ways that were female.” She had been instructing us to use female pronouns for at least a year and a half when she said, “And when she was approximately five, she told me that she didn’t want this to be pretend anymore. Then she declared that she wanted the name, Luna.

The custody dispute is the most recent unpleasant development for Younger. In a recent decision, the Texas Supreme Court rejected the father’s appeal and dismissed Younger’s request that his ex-wife relocates their son James from California to Texas.

Younger worries that under SB 107, which became effective on January 1, Georgulas will be permitted to medically “transition” James into the liberal state. The rule prevents the implementation of laws from other states that forbid procedures like hormone therapy and “trans” surgery for children, which opponents claim amounts to child mutilation and sterilization.

Georgulas Georgulas received full custody of James and was granted freedom to treat him as a female. But a Texas judge ruled that Georgulas cannot proceed with gender reassignment surgery or puberty blockers without the boy’s father’s approval.