The FBI is Hiding Key Footage of Pipebomb Suspect

( Investigative journalist Darren Beattie claims that given the known circumstances of the incident, the FBI’s decision to withhold critical video of the pipe bomb’s installation at the DNC headquarters during the Capitol riot seems suspect.

In an interview with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night, Beattie said this is just one of several truly mind-blowing coincidences relating to the pipe bomb problem.

Beattie noted that a pipe bomb at the RNC headquarters was found at 12:40 p.m. on January 6, one minute before the breach of the Capitol perimeter, but the pipe bomb that was allegedly planted near a bush just outside an exit door to the DNC building the night before the riot wasn’t found until then.

The Secret Service missed the pipe bomb even though it was placed mere feet from a DNC building exit.

Beattie asserted that the DNC pipe bomb couldn’t go undetected by onlookers, DNC security, or, at the very least, Secret Service personnel who combed the area before Vice President Kamala Harris entered the structure.

He said that everything was timed in just such a fantastic way as to be, quite honestly, unbelievable.

He believes that everyone should ask these questions of Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and Stephen D’Antuono, head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, “quite directly and very firmly.”

Beattie claimed that Ray Epps, the enigmatic unindicted person on video encouraging Trump supporters to enter the Capitol building on numerous occasions, had mentioned bombs in an interview with the FBI.

When asked by an agent why he was in Washington on January 6, Epps responded that he was concerned explosive devices would be detonated nearby the Capitol, and he wanted to be there to help if anyone was hurt.
They discovered these pipe bombs on side streets just a few blocks from the Capitol, Beattie continued.

And here’s the remarkable part: The FBI doesn’t even follow up on the pipe bombs when Ray Epps is practically the sole one caught on tape telling people to enter the Capitol, Beattie noted.

And now he’s telling the FBI that he had extraordinary intuition or prior knowledge about the discovery of bomb devices on side streets.

Beattie provided “five facts about the pipe bombs” that are “especially weird” and have never been fully explained in his most recent investigative work on the device.

According to Capitol Police Chief Stephen Sund, the pipe bombs were set off as a “diversion” to divert law enforcement as the Capitol’s perimeter was only beginning to be breached.

The mechanical timer on the pipe bombs could be set to one hour. However, the devices were planted the night before at around 8 p.m., or roughly 17 hours before they were discovered.

A remote detonator was not present on the pipe bombs. Therefore, if the intent were to create a distraction, the culprits would have to rely purely on “luck” because the devices were discovered at the appropriate time.

With 20 minutes remaining, the first pipe bomb was discovered at 12:40 p.m. That matched the timing required to draw police attention away from the opening and persuade them that the explosion was timed to the Capitol vote at one o’clock.

The countdown timer was set to 20 minutes.

“Did the pipe bomber just happen to luck into the most incredible coincidence of the century—that his pipe bombs happened to be discovered at just the right time to create the desired diversion from the initial attack on the Capitol perimeter that began at 12:50 p.m., just 10 minutes before Congress’s 1 p.m. session to certify the electoral votes?” Beattie enquired.