The Atlantic Is Suddenly Against Biden Running Again

President Joe Biden is slowly but surely losing more and more support from traditional Democratic sources.

The latest is The Atlantic, a left-leaning publication that recently made it known that they are not supporting Biden anymore going forward.

Last week, Eliot A. Cohen, a contributor to the publication, wrote quite the scathing article with the title “Step Aside, Joe Biden.” In typical leftist form, Cohen paid compliments to Biden before ripping into him. The article opened:

“I am deeply grateful to Joe Biden. By defeating Donald Trump in 2020, he rescued this country from the continuing misrule of a dangerous grifter and serial liar, a man gripped by vindictiveness, lawlessness and egomania.

“By contrast, Biden presented himself, correctly, as a decent, experienced and entirely normal politician. He may even have saved this country. Americans owe him a profound debt of respect and appreciation.”

Those words seem to be a resounding endorsement of Biden himself as a man, and also as the job he did as a candidate for president in 2020. But, as Cohen’s article goes on, it becomes obvious that the writer doesn’t believe that Biden has done well in office at all.

In fact, he believes that it’s time for Biden to step aside and let a new person in the Democratic Party try to lead the country.

Cohen wrote of Biden:

“He also has no business running for president at age 80. I say that with considerable feeling, being in my late 60s and knowing that my 70s are not far off. I am as healthy as any late-middle-aged person (admittedly, I cringe at the word old, which tells you something right there) can be.

“But I know that at this stage, I do not have the energy I had a decade ago. I forget more things, and if my body does not hurt when I wake up in the morning, a little voice in my head asks whether I am dead and do not yet know it.”

Very directly, Cohen is questioning whether Biden has the mental and physical capacity to carry on anymore in the White House. He compares Biden – who is seemingly at least 10 years older than him – to himself, a “healthy” man who sounds like he’s struggling a lot.

One has to wonder why Cohen would have supported Biden in 2020, seeing as he was only a few years younger than he is now – and still way past the age where the writer believes men are no longer capable of holding an important office.

He later writes that “clinging to office in old age is selfish, too.”

These are legitimate concerns, of course, and ones that have been raised by other people throughout the Democratic Party. If Biden were to win re-election and finish out his second term, he would be 86 years old at the end.

Biden is already the oldest president in American history, and will stretch that record out even further if he somehow wins office again next year.