Ted Cruz Talks Texas Secession; Media Freaks Out

(FiveNation.com)- A few weeks ago, Senator Ted Cruz participated in a Q&A during a Young America’s Foundation event at Texas A&M University. Recently, the video of this panel caught the attention of huffy media types who are super upset about what Cruz said regarding a hypothetical posed to him by one of the audience members.

Cruz was asked by a questioner to describe the possibility of Texas or another state seceding from the United States and how he sees that unfolding.

Cruz said he completely understood the sentiment behind the question but added that he isn’t on board with secession quite yet. He said he believes Texas has a responsibility to the United States, and he isn’t prepared to give up on the country that he loves. Right now, Cruz explained, Texas is “an amazing force keeping America from going off the cliff.” Texas, he added, is keeping the country “grounded on the values” that built it.

But, Cruz added, if Senate Democrats kill the filibuster, make DC a state, federalize our elections, and pack the Supreme Court, they will “fundamentally destroy the country.” He said that might change his thinking, but he reasserted that we aren’t there yet.

Then, in an obvious tongue-in-cheek way, Cruz said that if we get there, then Texas can take NASA, the military, and the oil.

Conservative host Liz Wheeler then suggested that if Texas secedes, what happens to Joe Rogan.

“Joe Rogan?” Cruz replied. “He might be the president of Texas.”

The whole exchange was clearly lighthearted. But the cranks in the media are a humorless lot. Levity and mirth go over their heads completely.

Watch the segment HERE.