Teacher Found Dead In Back Of Burned Car

On Wednesday, a young California teacher’s charred corpse was discovered in the trunk of a car at her boyfriend’s residence.

Firemen were sent to extinguish a fire inside a garage in the Los Angeles Quartz Hill district. The horrific finding was discovered at about 8:30 in the morning.

The fire had already consumed many vehicles when emergency personnel reached the 38th Street West location. Among the burning cars was one that had a woman’s corpse inside.

According to reports, witnesses heard a lady yelling and what seemed like an explosion in the moments leading up to the fire.

A man who talked with reporters said that the lady in the trunk was his 27-year-old niece, a Palmdale elementary school teacher who resided in Quartz Hill.

The uncle chose not to reveal the identity of his loved one’s killer, choosing instead to paint a picture of a kind, reserved lady.

Although the uncle knew that his niece had been seeing a guy for almost a year, he didn’t know much about him.

According to the woman’s neighbors, her boyfriend owns the house on 38th Street West, where the fire occurred.

Matthew Switalski, 37, was immediately named as a person of interest by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. At first, he was only wanted for questioning, but he was taken into custody for the teacher’s murder on Friday.

The victim was identified as 27-year-old Veronica Aguilar.

On Tuesday, prosecutors informed the court that Aguilar had severe burns on her face, many knife wounds to her chest and neck, and other injuries.

According to their information, Switalski was seen escaping from the house that was engulfed in flames in a vehicle pulling a trailer. He was apprehended at a campground near Lake Isabella in Kern County, where authorities found twenty-five grand in cash on him.

The police think he drained a joint bank account he shared with his father.

He is being held without bail.