Teacher Fired For Telling Parents Of Child’s “Transition”

(FiveNation.com)- A schoolteacher who shared with parents a statement from their daughter regarding her supposed gender “transition” was promptly terminated after the communique was discovered

Her parents had previously requested that the school system not engage in any gender-related discussions with their daughter.

Multiple parents have filed a lawsuit against the district.

According to a lawsuit filed by parents Stephen Foote and Marissa Silvestri against numerous current and past district and school officials, their son was likewise being treated as a female in Ludlow, Massachusetts, following his preferences.

The teacher, Bonnie Manchester, initiated a GiveSendGo fundraising campaign more than a year ago when she was placed on paid leave for telling the girl’s parents of her gender change.

Legal action is being discussed by her lawyer, although she has not yet taken legal action against the institution.

Although school districts are increasingly using methods to transition pupils without parental consent, Ludlow’s alleged activities are notable for breaching an explicit request from parents and making an example of an individual whistleblower.

The school, which first contacted the parents about “B.F.”, was described in detail in the report. School administrators refused to comply with Foote and Silvestri’s request that they not speak to their daughter about the subject while she was receiving professional counseling; this was even though they had previously agreed to gain authorization from the parents.

School counselor Marie-Claire Foley advised instructors to keep this information from Foote and Silvestri. However, Manchester forwarded an email from the girl to her parents which had details of the issue. Immediately after being challenged by her parents, school administrators placed Manchester on administrative leave for “inappropriate communications.

The institute is partnering with the Child and Parental Rights Campaign on a lawsuit against public school administrators on behalf of two Ludlow families.

They are suing for parental rights breaches because of a district policy banning workers from providing information with parents about a student’s conflicting gender identification and attempts to promote that identity in school. The organization confirmed that an 11-year-old and 12-year-old girl and boy were “actively transitioned” by school authorities without their parents’ knowledge and against their desires, the organization confirmed.

According to a joint statement from the groups, school officials were instructed by the girl’s parents not to bring up the subject of gender identity in front of their daughter, but they “actively dismissed” the advice and “not only continued having such conversations with their daughter but began addressing her in school by an alternative name and pronouns.”