Suspect Found In Murder Of Cashapp Founder

Police in San Francisco have reportedly detained Nima Momeni, the owner of Extend IT, in a stabbing death. 

The murder, according to a source from the San Francisco Police Department, was neither random nor connected to a robbery. Momenil has been taken into custody concerning the murder of Cash App creator and former Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur Bob Lee.

Lee co-created the Android mobile operating system and also founded the Cash App.

Lee has served as the chief technology officer of the payment software company Square and as the chief product officer of the cryptocurrency exchange MobileCoin.

According to LinkedIn, a man with the name and credentials of Nima Momeni worked in tech in the San Francisco Bay area for nearly two decades.

On the morning of April 4, Lee and Momeni allegedly argued while driving together in a car. The suspect may have followed Lee after he got out of the automobile in downtown San Francisco, according to SFPD investigators.

Lee was repeatedly stabbed at about 2:30 in the morning. The murder weapon, a knife, was discovered close by.

He had passed out near the Google headquarters, but he was able to make a distress call just prior.

Lee and his suspected killer may have known each other, although it is unclear in what capacity. But from the beginning of the investigation, a police source said that it was clear the attack was not random.

Lee’s body was discovered in the middle of the night at a location with low pedestrian traffic.

KNTV received and aired the 9-1-1 call Lee made after he was stabbed earlier this week.

A male voice can be heard on the recording, the dispatcher stating, “Help, someone stabbed me.”

Officers responding to the call were “informed he is bleeding out” and “outside on the street,” the dispatcher said.

Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, SpaceX, and Tesla, was among the numerous tech industry leaders who spoke out about Lee’s murder and blasted San Francisco’s violent crime problem.