Supreme Court Won’t Hear Case Involving N-Word

( Here’s a story you probably weren’t expecting to read: the Supreme Court has ruled out hearing a case that would have allowed them to decide whether or not the use of the “N-word” – a racial slur used to insult Black people – constitutes creating a hostile work environment or not.

On Monday, the highest court in the land said that the case, which involves a former Texas hospital employee who claimed he was subject to a hostile work environment because of his exposure to the N-word in the form of graffiti in an elevator.

Not only did the court refuse to hear the case, but the justices also declined to offer any analysis or comment on the case whatsoever.

In the case, Robert Collier described how he worked as an operating room aide at Dallas’ Parkland Memorial Hospital. He claimed he felt insulted that white nurses and some Black employees would call him “boy” and that management did nothing when two large swastikas were painted on the inside of a storage room. After he was fired from his position in the hospital he sued.

Attorneys representing the hospital suggested the Supreme Court not to take the case, saying that there was no evidence that an employee was responsible for the alleged graffiti at the hospital or that the graffiti was aimed at Collier.

That does sound kind of suspicious…it’s not like there hasn’t been a huge number of fake hate crimes committed by left-wing activists who have drawn swastika graffiti or made false claims of “nooses” hanging from trees and garage doors…

It was one of a number of cases that were rejected by the courts on Monday.

You just know that if this came down to a matter of law, and the Justices were forced to rule based only on that and not on feelings and obvious common decency, that the Democrats would have freaked out. So it probably won’t come as much of a shock that this case won’t be seen.