Supreme Court Will Not Hear Case To Reinstate Donald Trump 

( Last month, after a blogger’s falsely reported that the Supreme Court was considering taking up a suit seeking to “reinstate” Donald Trump as president, the Associated Press ran a fact-check debunking the false claim. 

The Supreme Court is not considering the case at all. Instead, it declined to hear it, not once, but twice. 

In February, the court once again rejected the suit Adams v. Brunson, et al that called for the court to remove hundreds of elected officials, including President Biden, and bar them from holding elected office again, and then reinstating the “rightful” president. 

Despite the Court refusing to entertain the bogus suit, a blogger claimed the opposite and the false report that the Court was considering hearing the case quickly went viral on social media. 

In a February 26 post at She Finds, writer Maria Pierides claimed that the Supreme Court was “reconsidering hearing” the case. That article has since been removed and Pierides published a new article on February 28 clarifying that the Court had rejected the case for a second time. 

But in the two days that Pierides’ false report was up, other bloggers picked up the false story and it spread like wildfire among Trump supporters on social media. 

The plaintiffs accused President Biden, Kamala Harris, former Vice President Mike Pence, and 385 members of Congress of committing treason when they failed to investigate fraud in the 2020 presidential election. The plaintiffs demanded their removal and asked the court to bar them from running for office. They also demanded that the “legal and rightful heirs” of the presidency and vice presidency be reinstated. 

Adams v. Brunson, et al was dismissed by a lower court and the dismissal was upheld on appeal. In October, the plaintiffs appealed to the Supreme Court which, in January, refused to hear the case. A second appeal to the Court was filed later that month, but on February 21, the Court rejected it again.