Supreme Court Aftermath Revealed After Roe V Wade Was Overturned

( Far-left extremist CNN reports that President Biden announced new measures to strengthen abortion protections as he marked 100 days since Roe v. Wade was overturned. Biden reportedly said that his administration would not stand by and allow Republicans across the nation to curb policies when it comes to abortion.
Biden singled out the University of Idaho, which provided legal advice in response to the state’s almost complete ban on abortion. The university’s policy states that it should no longer provide birth control to students and cautions staff against discussing abortion at work.
During the second meeting of the administration’s Task Force on Reproductive Health Care Access, Biden asked the audience, “what century are we in?”
And “what are we doing?”

Ironically, those are probably the same questions that the mentally incapacitated President asks the First Lady several times a day.
Biden then claimed he respected everyone’s viewpoint and personal decisions.
Of course, he doesn’t, or he wouldn’t be complaining about people’s personal viewpoints and decisions in the meeting.
Reports show the Department of Education released the Title IX guideline that mandates colleges and universities protect students from ‘pregnancy-related discrimination,’ including abortion. The Department of Health and Human Services also announced more than $6 million in Title X funding.
Biden issued an executive order in August that would facilitate women seeking abortions outside of their home states, ensuring medical facilities follow federal law to prevent women from experiencing delays in receiving the abortion, and enhance data gathering and research on the subject.
Biden also issued another executive order in July, which he said would protect patients’ privacy, provide access to contraceptive services, and create a task group on reproductive health care access with representatives from several government ministries. In response to state attempts to restrict access to abortion, the White House has continued a public pressure campaign.

How can your privacy be protected when the taxpayer is paying for your abortion, the government is gathering your data, and doing public research with it?
Where are the unborn’s body parts going?