Students Trash U.S. Flag And Equate It With Genocide, Video Shows

( In anticipation of Flag Day, last week Campus Reform decided to interview students at the University of Texas and get their views on what the American flag represents to them.

And the results were discouraging.

This anti-American version of “word association” evoked responses ranging from “racism,” “nationalism, exclusion and selfishness,” “extremism,” and, of course, the stealing of “land from Native Americans.”

Only one of the students interviewed associated the Flag with “freedom.”

And this is Texas.

Watch the video:

In 2018, Gallup conducted a poll that showed only 47% of Americans were “extremely proud” to be American. That was the lowest recorded number in Gallup’s 18-year history of polling the question. Among Democrats, those claiming to be “extremely proud” was a paltry 32%. 74% of Republicans, on the other hand, said they were “extremely proud” to be American.

The same Gallup poll from 2020 was even worse with only 42% of Americans saying they were “extremely proud.” Among Democrats the total was only 24%.

While Democrats blamed Donald Trump for their lack of pride in the country, no doubt there is much more fueling their animus than just Bad Orange Man.

When Americans are taught that America is “systemically racist” and “founded on White Supremacy,” is it any wonder they hate their country and its flag?

Last week while appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” New York Times editor Mara Gay claimed that she was “disturbed” by the sight of “dozens of American flags” on Long Island.

Gay claimed to have stumbled on the sight of “dozens of dozens” of pickups with “explicatives” against Joe Biden on the back (being an editor for the New York Times, it is rather surprising she doesn’t know the work is “expletives”).

In addition to pickups with “explicatives” Gay was also traumatized by the sight of both Trump flags and “in some cases just dozens of American flags, which is also just disturbing.”

Claiming the display carried the clear message “This is my country. This is not your country,” Gay also claimed that these patriots with their American flags and “explicatives” see “Americanness” as being the same as “Whiteness.”

Is it really that surprising so many college students feel the same way?