Student Banned From Remote Learning Over Vaccine Status At Rutgers University

( A student at Rutgers University has been barred from attending virtual classes because he is not vaccinated.

Yes, really.

22-year-old Logan Hollar revealed the horrifying story of how his university has banned him from studying after he largely ignored the COVID mandates put in place by the school because all of his classes were remote. He studies from his home in Sandyston, around 70 miles away from the campus in New Brunswick.

However, Hollar’s decision to choose what he puts in his own body has resulted in him being locked out of his student email and all other university related accounts. He noticed that he couldn’t get into those accounts when he attempted to pay his tuition bills at the end of last month.

At the time, he was informed that in order to continue his studies he would need to take the COVID-19 vaccine, even though he is young, healthy, and in good shape. The COVID-19 virus is extremely unlikely to cause him serious health problems if he were to contract it.

The incredible decision by the university means that Hollar missed his classes that started on September 1 and has been warned that it may be weeks before a decision is reached yt he school to allow him to be exempted from the vaccine mandate.

Why on earth would a school care so much about a student being vaccinated when they don’t even need it? Or don’t want it?

Speaking to, Hollar said that he will “probably have to transfer to a different university” and admitted that he knows at least one other student who has received the same treatment.

Will the Democrats ever admit that this is tyranny?